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Theater Thursdays!

If you haven’t see it yet, this is the TV spot for the new Dredd film releasing next month. I’m not too terribly excited about it, but it’s the next comic book movie, so I’ll have to check it out eventually. Watch the trailer and let me know what you think!


Theatre Thursday!

For this week’s movie, we have one of the best fan-made films on the web. This is probably the best-looking Batman costume I’ve ever seen, and the opening shots look like they could have been lifted from Alex Ross’ artwork.

Ladies and gentlemen, Batman: Dead End.

Theatre Thursdays!

This week on Theatre Thursdays…

The Flash

This CBS show was one of my favorites growing up. A lot of people don’t remember it, and it definitely hasn’t stood the test of time, but I just watched it again recently and realized it’s a lot of fun, if you can get past the production values. Check it out online, or be a good citizen and buy the whole series on DVD!

Theatre Thursdays!

I’m busy working on a new post, but I’m having to learn formatting on the fly and it isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’ve got a 2 year old climbing all over you. While I’m working on that, enjoy this video – those of you who haven’t seen it yet may learn to truly appreciate the modern comic films, regardless of how terrible they are.