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The Frugal Collector – Episode 8/29/2012


I admit, I’ve been absolutely terrible at updating this portion of the site. I wanted to post reviews of the comics that I felt were good enough for me to spend money on, but I haven’t been getting my reviews done in time. To my credit, I did at least start some reviews the last few weeks – I simply lacked the time to finish them in the comic-release week. But no longer! This week, I have three more reviews for you, and for the first time in weeks, they’re actually of GOOD comics. Here are my top three picks, and ones you should move a little closer to the top of your pull lists.

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The Frugal Collector – Episode 8/1/2012

Recently, I set a new goal for myself – to spend only $10 per week on comic books. Since I buy everything through the Comixology app, it’s incredibly easy for me to overspend on current and back issues. In addition to being frugal, this forces me to be very selective about my choices. So I thought to myself, “Which comics can I live without? Which ones are really worth my time?” And then I thought to myself “How big of a geek am I that I feel the need to make a budget to curb my spending on comic books?” Some questions, though, are better left unanswered.
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