Friday Flashbacks!

Hey friends. Working on more thought-provoking, insightful ideas for the blog. While you’re waiting on my newest flash of brilliance, I thought I’d pass on a few ideas to give your weekend a pick-me-up.

This week, I’ve got a comic, a game, and an item from my Netflix queue for you. Yes, they’re all a bit older, but that means they’re CHEAPER, which is always a good thing. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to give these a try and let me know what you think.

(Note: I am NOT a corporate shill. I will mention several websites, apps, and programs like Netflix in this blog. I’m not getting anything from these companies, but I use them, so it seems stupid to not recommend them to you all.)



This movie is loads of camp mixed with awesome ninja action. Melodrama, sword fights, and dead masters – you know, all the things you want to see in a marial arts film. It stars Scott Adkins, one of the new breed of martial arts/action stars. He reminds me of a younger Van Damme, with lots of decent action combined with the acting skills of a wooden post. A side note – Scott Adkins is going to be in this summer’s The Expendables 2, so you can watch this movie and understand why he’s in a movie filled with other so-bad-they’re-great actors. Er, action stars.

The Immortal Iron Fist


Yes, I know this series was cancelled a few years ago. It doesn’t make it any less great. It’s some of Matt Fraction’s earlier Marvel work, before he became one of their main “architects.” To be honest, before I started reading this comic, I could have cared less about this character. All I knew about Iron Fist was he knew some kung fu and he hung out with a racist stereotype who wore a tiara.

Fraction’s story really fleshes out the character. The story is tight, filled with one mystery after the next, and you’ll find yourself racing into the next issue, and the next, just to see where the story is going. The art by David Aja is gritty and dark, perfectly capturing the feel of one of Marvel’s “street-level” heroes. If you like action mixed with a bit of mysticism, sprinkled with witty banter and a great story, head to your local comic shop, book store, or digital download service and check it out this weekend.

X-Men: The Arcade Game

Those of you who are old enough to remember arcades probably remember this monstrosity. Six controllers, one for each different character, hilarious voice-acting (“Nothing moves The Blob”), and a black hole inside that practically sucked the quarters out of your pocket. I spent most of my allowance every week on this game, and I credit it with getting me interested in the X-Men comics back in 1991, after a two hour love affair we had in an arcade at Cedar Point in Sandusky.

This game finally got a beautiful port, and you can now play it on virtually anything you own. Xbox Live, the Playstation store, Apple and Android app stores, and even the Amazon app store all carry this game. Play it by yourself or with a friend, and have a blast tearing through the endless waves of opponents. Great for nostalgic purposes or just for killing an hour of your time.

I hope you get the chance to try some of these things this weekend. They’re all definitely worth your time and entertainment dollars. If you like them, or you’ve already tried them, drop me a line in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed!


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